About me

Hi! I am a Research Fellow (pre-doctoral fellow) at Microsoft Research India, working with Dr. Ramachandran Ramjee and Dr. Akshay Nambi. I graduated in 2021 from IIT Gandhinagar with a Major in Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science and Engineering.

I am intrigued by how computer systems and intelligence are accelerating towards ubiquity by breaking the existing limits and find myself passionate about being a part of the workforce that drives this transformation.

I am currently looking for PhD opportunities to pursue research in fields stated below

My interests

My interests (or curiosities) were initially ignited by tiny amusements like controlling an RC car wirelessly, watching robots avoid obstacles, or wondering the size of pendrive it would require to store all the videos of youtube! The desire to find answers to such curiosities and myself build something that amuses others led me to pursue the path of Science and Technology, and then a multi-disciplinary course spanning both EE and CSE at my undergraduate institution. My academic, industrial and research exposure shaped my interests and motivated me to pursue a research career in the areas of:

  • Systems for ML
  • ML for Systems
  • Language and Vision AI
  • Distributed Systems
  • Embedded, Edge Computing
  • Computer Networks

I also like exploring possibilities hidden in the use of multi-disciplinary tech to solve challenging problems in impact areas like IoT, Sustainability, Society and Space.